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California – “Check Your Number”

17 May

While doing some reading I came across an article that mentioned “Check Your Number”. After doing some more research into Check your Number, I found that this is a California initiative that encourages individuals to check on what their car really requires for a drain interval for their motor oil according to the manufacture. Many people […]

AMSOIL vs. Mobil 1 Diesel Oil

13 Jan

I received this testimonial from my up-line AMSOIL direct jobber, it was sent to him by another one of his dealers like myself. J.M. stated “I  was delivering 110 Gal of AMSOIL 15W-40 Heavy-Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil (AME)  yesterday to one of my Fed  Ex Contractors.  He has a beautiful 5 bay shop […]

AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Degreaser

23 Oct

So I finally got my hands on the majority of our spray cleaners and protectants. I plan on running some tests with pictures and video of them doing their specific job. More on the videos tomorrow. The first spray can I grabbed was the Amsoil Heavy- Duty Degreaser.   When I first purchased this I […]