About Me

My name is James Ryan.  I am married to my best friend, a truly amazing woman that works harder than most people I know. I grew up in Massachusetts and currently live in Connecticut. I enjoy a lot of different things photography, mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, 4 wheeling, shooting, brewing beer, car audio and the list goes on and on. But I think above and beyond everything, I would have to say I am a gear head the most. I think my need to rip things apart, fix and rebuild them started when I was very young with my first bicycle and it’s first flat tire. Since then I have been pulling apart, fixing, upgrading and building everything I can get my hands on. Doesn’t matter if it’s my Jeep, a lawn mower, my wife’s car, a computer or a washing machine, I love fixing things and being challenged by them. I like change and new things because to me, it simply means more for me to learn and absorb, so in-turn I ask many questions so I can fully grasp even what some may seem to be trivial.

I have spent a fair amount of time in the computer fields along with a variety of business environments and after all the different jobs and relationships I have built through business, I always find myself being pulled back to the automobile and my passion for it. This is what brought me to AMSOIL. I have used AMSOIL products for over 16 years. I wanted to be able to offer what I feel and most agree is the best lubricants in the industry to friends, family and others in my local community. Thus far I have been able to do that on a small scale, but want to expand and reach out to more people so I can show them how, with using AMSOIL they can save time and money.

I’m designing my website as a place for people to come and learn about the latest and greatest products from AMSOIL, which might include a blog about a new product, a video showing new AMSOIL product or step by step write up’s for installing AMSOIL and or regular auto maintenance. Also I want this site to be a hub of information and reviews of more than just the AMSOIL product line.  I want people to feel free post questions and comments on topics that I and others have started, feel free to chime in anytime.

Thanks for stopping by.


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